Types Of British Tea – Here Is Something For The Tea Lovers

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Whenever you hear tea, you know it is a British and Irish National drink. In Britain, people drink tea daily and in fact, they drink many cups a day. Now, you might want to know where this love for tea comes from. In this article, we have discussed the history of types of british tea and a brief history of its existence in Britain and Ireland.

Brief History Of Teas In Britain

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Tea was first brought to the area in the early 17 Century by the East India company and it used to be a very expensive product exclusively made for rich people and it is often kept under lock. Catherine of Braganza introduced the idea of drinking tea only in the royal court and the have it was eventually adopted by aristocracy. The opening of  first tea shop for ladies happened in 1717. The British further developed love during their tenure in the British Empire in India.

Types Of British Tea – Indian

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We cannot really call a British tea since the initial teas were from India and China.

The Indian Teas came from one of the leading Growers and it contributed to the export of 12% of the world tea market. The Darjeeling tea, Ceylon tea and Assam tea are three major types of teas that were popular in the United Kingdom. As for the Darjeeling tea, it comes from the northern part of India and usually delicate which is why it was used in the afternoons. Also, the ceylon tea is stronger when compared to Darjeeling tea and the Aroma is high with a sharp test. On the other hand, the tea that comes from Assam is one of the strongest which means of blending should be carefully performed. Other teas like the Darjeeling and Ceylon Broken orange Pekoe were available in Britain. While they do not have any Orange flavor, the name describes the leaf size.

Types Of British Tea – China

China contributed to 18% of the world tea market and there are two favourite types of teas available here. The first one would be Lapsang Souchong, one of the most famous China teas and it comes from the hills in the north Fujian. With the Smoky Aroma and flavour, it managed to attract a lot of people. Similarly, we have Yunnan, which is one of the black teas available from the province of Yunnan. The taste is rich and it is close to the taste you can expect from Assam tea, making it a strong breakfast tea.


One can find several other varieties of teas from India and China primarily and other countries had green teas, white teas and so on. However, India and China contributed highly to this market and with the East India Company intervention in this business, people from Britain were able to get hold of the tastiest of teas from all around the world. It soon became a product of regular use. 

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