Facts about Natural Ginger Tea

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Tea, the beverage, a favorite of most of the people. It is one of the few, go to beverages, that provides warmth & freshness. If you are having long & rough days, you have tea. You have overslept & in need of instant freshness, you have tea. But there is not only a single type of tea. You can enjoy lemon tea, green tea, Ginger tea, etc. It totally depends on your mood. But if you are having a really lousy day, with zero energy & an upset stomach. Your choice should be an excellent ‘Natural Ginger Tea’.

Properties of natural ginger tea

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Ginger, is one of the most useful herbs. Many studies have been conducted in order to know the properties of ginger. The rhizome of the plant ginger is used as a spice. It is also used as a herbal medicine. It has many medicinal properties, that make it a folklore medicine. It’s spicy taste makes the tea a little more fresh and helps you to keep the health of your stomach at its best. Ginger has the potential to soothe your muscles, calm the nausea. It has some antibacterial properties that help you get rid of bacterial infection, that is causing the upset stomach.

 Natural Ginger Tea- DIY

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The ginger tea is easy to make. The extra ingredient you need is Ginger. Like that was very hard to deduce!! Just cut some thin slices of Ginger. Recommended portion is just 3-4 thin slices for a cup of Ginger tea. Put these in a pan. Add some water. Bring the contents to a boil. Boil the contents until you start smelling the strong fragrance and add some tea to this boiling water. And simply enjoy this Natural Ginger Tea.

To make it as per your liking, you can adjust the boiling period. Boiling strengthens the flavors of Ginger making the tea more rich. The spice levels will increase with boiling of Ginger. So that is why the strong flavors depend on how much you boil the contents.

Types of Ginger Tea

With respect to your taste and need you can make any type of Ginger tea. Some of them are described below.

  • Ginger Mint Tea: To cut the spice levels of the Ginger and give it a special freshness, use mint.
  • Ginger lemon Tea: Adding lemon to the tea provides it a special acidity that works just right if you want something exhilarating.
  • Ginger Turmeric Tea: If you have cough & cold, try some Ginger turmeric tea. Both the ingredients are strong and warm that will sooth you instantly.
  • Ginger Clove Tea: If you add some Cloves to your ginger tea, you will surely experience a new taste.


Ginger is a healthy and calorie free alternative to the sweet sugary tea. Try replacing it and you will notice the benefits soon.

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