Discovering Your Favorite Natural Herbs For Your Tea

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Natural herbs and tea are a way to add a wonderful taste to your cooking. Tea has always been a favorite with the home cook, but natural herbs are becoming more popular and acceptable in the kitchen. The combination of the flavor of herbs and teas is like an aromatic infusion of fresh herbs – often grass – and is very reminiscent of some types of herbal green tea. There are many types of herbs that can be used in tea recipes, so it will depend on the specific recipe that you choose to use, but there are some basics that can apply to all herbs and teas.

Types Of Herbs 


There are several different types of herbs that can be used in the tea recipes that you choose to follow. These include: Rosemary, mint, tarragon, basil, marjoram and parsley. Each of these has its own specific uses and properties, which you should learn about before you use them. You will also need to learn the properties and flavor profiles of these natural herbs so that you can determine which combinations of herbs work best with your particular teas. It is also helpful to get to know some of the terms associated with each of these herbs, such as how much of a drop of oil is used in a cup of tea or the dosage of one herb for one cup of tea.

Rosemary is one of the most popular natural herbs and tea combination. Its flavor is quite aromatic and pleasant, with hints of spice and lemon. You can enjoy a cup of this blend of natural herbs with virtually any type of tea, including: black, green, and oolong. A delicious cup of this blend of tea can be enjoyed with cakes, cookies or biscuits. Parsley is another herb that is popular as a natural herb and tea combination.

Rare Combination


A combination of leaves and stems of this perennial herb provide a wonderful flavor with a subtle aroma. It can be used in teas or as a seasoning for foods. As a tea, it has a light flavor. Parsley is also known for having strong aroma and it is often added to bread or other baked items to enhance the flavor. Another way to use parsley as an ingredient is to use it as a garnish on appetizers and salads.

Dandelion provides a wonderful flavor with a tart and slightly bitter taste. This tea combination can be used either as a beverage or as a small salad sprig. This herb has a slight grassy flavor with an underlying sweetness. It is used in various tea blends, and its flavor can vary depending on the particular blend. The flower heads of this perennial flowering plant are the perfect garnish on top of baked potatoes, carrots, green beans, and other summer fruits.

Famous Herbs 

Anise hyssop serves as a natural and tasty tea that has a warm spicy flavor. It is often used as an appetizer or in salad dressings. Although considered a weed by many people, this natural herb is actually an evergreen shrub that grows up to three feet tall. It is a favorite weed by gardeners in the southern part of the U.S.. Its beautiful green leaves provide an excellent contrast to the purple flowers of blue-flowered clover. Planting this vine in a flower bed provides a lush ground cover that will help prevent weeds from taking root.

Rosemary is also a very hardy perennial that will thrive in full sun or partial shade in most areas. This tea is excellent in a variety of recipes including breads, stews, vegetables, and sauces. Plant this herb in a sunny spot in a container, and then keep it covered during the winter. The colorful blooms will provide you with lots of garden decoration, as well as lots of bright, fresh scents to enjoy. Plant Rosemary in spring when the soil is warm, and you will enjoy this perennial as a beautiful addition to your garden.


Other additions to your tea mixture can include Sage, Thyme, or lavender. All these fine natural herbs are easily available in local nurseries or even online. Simply search for the type of herb you are looking for in an internet search engine. You can find all kinds of tea combination designs, whether you want something with green foliage and herbal scent, or one with red and white stripes.

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